Cath Kidston Inspired Round Cushion

So I made a cushion, a HUGE cushion. I am horrible at visualising the size of projects. I certainly didn’t expect it to be this big! 58cm (23inches) to be exact!

CKRoundCushion1 copyIts based off a pattern by Sew Along that I purchased at a craft fair many years ago.

CKRoundCushion3 copy

I ended up needing an extra 5 more triangles than the pattern asks for, but I put that down to using a larger seam allowance than called for. Besides the front piece, the rest is improvised and I’m so impressed!

The main fabrics are Cath Kinston scraps. I purchased a bunch of fat quarters ages ago and made a quilt. The side fabric is from Spotlight.

CKRoundCushion2 copy

In regards to cushion inserts, neither Spotlight or Textile Traders (the two major craft stores in Aus) stock round cushion inserts! I don’t understand this at all. Anyhow, the cushion is currently stuffed with some left over cushion toy fill, and a square cushion insert… I plan to eventually buy a proper insert. The Bedroom sell a range of sized inserts for anyone wondering.

Happy sewing!


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