Sew Caroline Kimono Jacket

One Friday night a few weeks ago I decided to make Sew Caroline’s FREE Kimono Jacket.


The fabric I used was originally purchased from Spotlight. I don’t know any details about it except that its cotton and made in Japan. I love the print.


I’ve always been a fan of kimono jackets as they provide great cover up from the sun and are a good season-transition piece. Cotton On have nice cheap ones in great prints if you are looking at buying any.



  • Its free! Who doesn’t love free patterns?!
  • Its simple and the steps are easy to follow.
  • Will probably make it again but with a longer length.
  • Its comfy.
  • Great introduction if you’re new to making your won clothes.


  • When attaching the sleeves to the rest of the garment, it doesn’t give you a specific seam allowance if you’re like me, and stitching it first on a machine, then serging.
  • Also when attaching my sleeves to the rest of the garment, the sleeves where too small for the sleeve hole. I don’t know if this is an error on my behalf (e.g. printing or cutting) or a problem with the pattern.
  • I decided to double fold my hem on the neck. As a result of this I ended up with unavoidable puckering. I can see this is a design fault to do with  there being no “curve” of the neck and more like a “90 degree angle” if this makes sense.

I can’t imagine the amount of effort that goes into creating a pattern. I don’t know if anyone else experienced these issues, it could just be me. 

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome and can’t wait to make her Downtown Tunic top that I purchased earlier.


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