Sewing Clothes Urge


Lately I’ve had the urge to start sewing my own clothes. Maybe its because nothing I try on anymore looks ‘right’. I feel like a slob half the time. Its not that my body has changed or I’ve gained/lost weight. Everything in stores is made for people without boobs & hips.

If you saw my last post you would know that I’ve spent all my money on a trip to America next year!  As a result of this, I’m trying my best to be as frugal as possible and not buy any unessential clothes. I’m proud to say that I haven’t bought any new clothes since the start of the year!

I pulled out some patterns I bought a few years ago that I plan to make.


New Look 6027. I like this long sleeve top. I’d probablymake it in a similar colour or a purple print with small floral details.


Simplicity 2933 (link unavailable) . The light blue evening top I made in high school a few years ago when we had to make something from a commercial pattern. I still have it. I think I want to make both the day dress and top. I like yokes very much.


New Look 6022. I have made the main dress before and it hangs in my wardrobe desperately wanting to be warn. I remember it being fairly easy to make. I like the two sleeveless dresses. I think they’d be cute for spring.

I have also ordered three McCall’s patterns from their Spring 2015 collection which will be in another post once they arrive in the mail.

Happy sewing!


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