I’m coming for you New York!

I have always dreamed of coming to New York and exploring the USA. It is finally coming true next January.


In my family, when we turn 21, we can either have a big party or go on a holiday as a present. When my sister turned 21 a few years ago she went to Hong Kong and I was luckily enough to come too. Like her, I have also chosen the later. As I will be busy on my final clinical placement when I turn 21 in October, I have to postpone it til January.

New York was my first and only choice of places to go. Due to Australia’s proximity to Asia, I’ve visited many asain countries and its time to visit another continent. Europe doesn’t interest me right now and neither does Africa with the whole “Ebola” situation. So America it is!

I worked hard over the summer holidays and I managed to save enough to go. I am so excited. I’m going to New York first for a week or so and doing a Topdeck tour while I’m there. After then I’m visiting family friends in Houston, Texas, then off to my Aunty & Uncle in Augusta, Georgia!


I will keep you all in the loop. If you have any must see places for New York/Houston/Augusta please let me know in the comment box below.


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