Petrillo Bag Project

Whenever I write up posts on patterns that I’ve created, I try and remember about how I came across the pattern. This time, I have no recollection about how I came across the pattern for this bag. Perhaps it was some late night Googling?


Today I am showing you the ‘Petrillo Bag‘ by Sara Lawson a.k.a. Sew Sweetness. My favourite project this summer. All fabrics are from Spotlight, however the lining was from years ago.


  • The bag is very large. So much space inside. Perfect for my Uni class.
  • You create 2 pockets, one zippered, the other snap closure.
  • Despite all the padding, its not very heavy.
  • The gathering on the flap is a nice addition & interesting to construct.
  • Pattern is easy to understand.


  • The amount of pieces of fabric/interfacing/padding that you have to cut was testing my patience. You get over this once the bag is finished.
  •  As always with american patterns, no metric units were used. Thankfully rulers come with both centimetres & inches on them, so when creating the paper pattern I didn’t have to struggle with converting units. Still a pain though.

Sara asks for sew-in invisible snaps. You can purchase these from Spotlight for around $3 a pair. Make sure you buy TWO packets. It will save you an extra trip! They are metal snaps on attached to a piece of plastic. Keep in mind that by the time all the padding & fabric are smooshed together, these snaps don’t have any magnetic powers. Further research will be required for a stronger pair or alternative.

You can purchase either a physical copy of the pattern or save on air miles by buying the PDF version like I did, here. Also Sara lives in the US so I had no idea of shipping costs & I was not patient enough to wait for weeks. I also purchased the Tudor bag but have run out of time to make it this summer break.

Sara has a ton of patterns in her online shop. I just want to buy them all!


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