Cath Kidston Inspired Round Cushion

So I made a cushion, a HUGE cushion. I am horrible at visualising the size of projects. I certainly didn’t expect it to be this big! 58cm (23inches) to be exact!

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Here’s what I’ve been up to lately

I’m back!

I’d like to apologise for not posting in a few months. Life has been hectic to say the least.

I had exams, completed my theatre placement (LOVED IT!), applied for graduate programs, had an interview, started my next placement, and now I’m eagerly awaiting to find out if I got the job!

Here’s a few snaps of whats been going on.


  1. Proudly showing off my scrubs on my theatre placement. I spent four weeks learning all about c-sections & gynaecology procedures. Even got to scrub in for a few!
  2. New Cath Kidston ric-rac skirt arrived.
  3. Getting ready for New York winter with my Uniqlo puffer jacket.
  4. Giant-ass spider decided to make a new home in my car. GROSS & FREAKY. #Australia
  5. I joined a new gym and am in love with RPM (spin class).
  6. Winter sunshine post bike ride around the local lake. Not actually as exhausted as I appear.